CaviPRO Reviews: Best Cellulite Remover?



A few months ago, I had a problem. I was too busy for the gym, and I couldn’t get rid of the fat around my waist. I got frustrated and wanted a solution.

Then, one day on social media, I found something interesting called CaviPRO. It promised to help me lose fat, get rid of cellulite, and tone my muscles at home.

I did some research and decided to buy it. It arrived quickly, and I was excited but also a bit unsure. Setting it up was easy, and I followed the instructions to use ultrasound gel.

When I started using it, I was surprised by how comfortable it was. The device used ultrasound and heat, and it felt really nice. Over time, I saw changes – my skin got smoother, cellulite got better, and my muscles felt firmer.

Having used the CaviPRO for 3 months, I’m here to share my experience.

What is CaviPRO?

CaviPRO is a slimming device for home use that aims to reduce fat, eliminate cellulite, and tone muscles without the need to leave your home.

It uses ultrasonic cavitation technology, utilizing ultrasound waves to break down stubborn fat cells, offering a non-invasive way to sculpt and tone your body. It’s like having a personal, at-home treatment for trouble areas without expensive and invasive procedures.

Below is the package I received. As you can see, the CaviPRO parcel includes a device, a power adapter, 4 electrodes, a cable, one user manual and a gift box.


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How Does It Work? 

CaviPRO uses ultrasonic waves to break down fat cells, which are then naturally eliminated by the body’s lymphatic system.

The device emits gentle infrared heat to boost blood circulation and improve skin elasticity, enhancing fat reduction and overall skin texture.

It also stimulates muscles with electrical impulses, helping tone and strengthen them while promoting collagen and elastin production for youthful-looking skin. It’s a non-invasive approach to fat reduction and skin health.

The device can be applied to various parts of your body, including:

Your arm for toning…

Use CaviPRO on arms

Your belly for burning fat…

Use CaviPRO on belly

Your face for tightening skin…

Use CaviPRO on face

Your legs to get smooth skin…

Use CaviPRO on legs

How to Use CaviPRO

Here’s how to use CaviPRO:

Step 1: Use lubrication

You should apply some cellulite cream or ultrasound gel before using CaviPRO enhances the effectiveness of the massage. Make sure you apply the gel to your targeted area.

Use lubrication

Step 2: Turn on the Device

Turn on the device by pressing the “Power” button, then press “Sonic” to turn on the Ultrasonic function. You can press it again to select the “High” setting.

When you turn it on, you should feel vibration or pulsation from the metal base of the device.

To activate Infrared, press the “Power” button, then press “Infrared.” The red LED lights around the metal base of the device should illuminate.

Turn on the Device

Step 3: Massage your targeted area

Now, you can start massaging the target area on your belly, arms, legs or face. 

When you’re massaging, your skin should gradually feel some warmth. 

Massage your targeted area

Step 4: Try EMS

This function is designed to work with the electrode pads included in the box. It acts as a massager to relieve pain, prevent muscle atrophy, and activate muscles.

To use the EMS function, follow these steps:

  1. Clean and dry the desired area. This can prolong the sticky pads’ lifespan.

  2. Connect the electrode pads to the device and attach them to the sticky pads.

  3. Stick the electrode pads to the desired area, leaving some space between them to target a larger muscle area.

  4. Choose EMS, adjust intensity and massage type on both sides of the device. Use for 10-20 minutes per area, up to 30 minutes per session.

  5. After use, clean sticky pads with a damp cloth and attach plastic covers.

Stick the electrode pads to the desired area

For better results, consider these tips:

  1. Use CaviPRO 3-5 times per week, dedicating at least 10 minutes to the targeted areas.
  2. Allow 48-72 hours between CaviPRO sessions. This break supports the liver in metabolizing fat and effectively eliminating toxins.
  3. Aim for 12-24 sessions. This duration gives the body time to respond to the treatment, resulting in visible changes.

While CaviPRO is effective on its own, pairing it with a healthy lifestyle can amplify results. Remember to stay hydrated, exercise regularly, and maintain a balanced diet for overall well-being.

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CaviPRO – Before and After Results

CaviPRO before and after results

After using CaviPRO for three months, I saw amazing changes in my body. Before, I had stubborn fat on my waist and cellulite on my skin.

But after using CaviPRO regularly, the results were incredible. The fat on my waist started to disappear, and my waistline became slimmer and more toned. The cellulite also faded away, and my skin became much smoother. The device’s EMS feature helped sculpt and strengthen my muscles, giving me a firm and toned look.

Overall, CaviPRO’s three-month journey greatly improved my body shape, made my skin texture better, and boosted my self-confidence.

Pros of CaviPRO

  1. Effective Fat Reduction: Before using CaviPRO, I had stubborn fat around my abdomen that I struggled to reduce despite diet and exercise. However, after consistently using the device for a few weeks, I noticed a visible reduction in the fat deposits around my midsection. This improvement was evident not only in the way my clothes fit but also in measurements I took before and after starting the treatment.

  2. Improved Skin Texture: Cellulite had always been a concern for me, especially around my thighs and buttocks. After incorporating CaviPRO into my skincare routine, I began to notice a smoother texture to my skin in these areas. The dimples and unevenness caused by cellulite gradually became less prominent, leading to a significant improvement in the overall appearance of my skin.

  3. Muscle Toning: Initially, I didn’t expect CaviPRO to have much effect on my muscles, but I was pleasantly surprised. After using the device regularly, particularly with the EMS feature, I noticed that my muscles felt firmer and more toned. For instance, my abdominal muscles felt stronger, akin to the sensation after a good workout, indicating that the electrical impulses were indeed contributing to muscle toning.

  4. Enhanced Skin Appearance: Alongside the reduction in fat and cellulite, I also noticed an improvement in the overall appearance of my skin. Fine lines and wrinkles seemed less pronounced, and my skin appeared tighter and more radiant. This enhancement in skin appearance gave me a confidence boost, as I felt more comfortable and satisfied with how my skin looked without needing to rely heavily on makeup or concealers.

  5. Convenience: Before using CaviPRO, I had to schedule regular appointments at a spa or clinic for similar treatments, which often proved time-consuming and expensive. However, with CaviPRO, I could enjoy the benefits of fat reduction, skin improvement, and muscle toning in the comfort of my own home, at a time that suited me best. This convenience not only saved me money but also made it easier for me to stick to a consistent skincare and fitness routine, leading to better and more sustainable results over time.

Cons of CaviPRO

  1. Consistency Required: Despite my best intentions, there were times when my busy work schedule made it challenging to maintain a consistent routine with CaviPRO. There were weeks when I could only manage a few sessions instead of the recommended frequency. As a result, I noticed that the progress in achieving my desired results was slower compared to weeks when I could stick to a more consistent schedule.

  2. Not an Instant Fix: Initially, I was eager to see immediate results after starting my CaviPRO sessions. However, I soon realized that the changes in my body and skin were gradual rather than instant. It took a few weeks of consistent use before I began to notice significant improvements in fat reduction, skin texture, and muscle toning.

  3. Individual Results May Vary: While I experienced positive changes in my body and skin texture with CaviPRO, I also noticed that the results varied among my friends who tried it. For instance, a friend who had a different body type and lifestyle saw more noticeable improvements in fat reduction compared to me, while another friend experienced better muscle toning results. This variance highlighted the importance of recognizing that individual factors play a significant role in determining the effectiveness of the treatment.

  4. Initial Investment: When I first decided to purchase CaviPRO, I had to consider the initial cost involved. While I understood that it was a worthwhile investment in my health and appearance, it still required careful budgeting and planning to afford the device. However, I found that the long-term savings from not having to book expensive spa appointments outweighed the initial investment, making CaviPRO a cost-effective option in the long run.

Is CaviPRO a Scam or Legit?

CaviPRO is not a scam. At first, I had doubts, but after researching and trying it myself, I can say it’s legitimate. I’ve noticed real improvements from using CaviPRO. It’s supported by scientific evidence as well as hundreds of positive user reviews and testimonials.

Where to Buy CaviPRO?

If you want to buy the CaviPRO, I’d recommend you to visit the official retail store.

They’re currently selling it at a fraction of the original price, but I’m not sure if the price might go up soon.

I bought my CaviPRO from the official retail store, and I have no regrets.

The customer service was excellent, and my order arrived quickly.

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1. Is CaviPRO Safe to Use?

Yes, CaviPRO is safe to use. It uses well-established technologies like ultrasonic cavitation and infrared heat, known for their safety in aesthetics and wellness. The EMS feature for muscle stimulation is also safe and effective. The device itself is designed with safety in mind, with user-friendly controls and clear instructions. Treatments are gradual and controlled to minimize discomfort or side effects.

2. How Often Should I Use CaviPRO for Best Results?

For the best results, use CaviPRO consistently. The frequency of sessions depends on your goals and treatment area. Sessions typically last 15 to 30 minutes, so stick to the recommended duration. For specific guidance, check the user manual or consult a healthcare professional.

3. Can CaviPRO Replace Professional Treatments?

CaviPRO is a cost-effective and convenient alternative to professional treatments but results may vary. Professional treatments may still be preferred for some individuals or conditions. CaviPRO can complement your wellness routine, but consult a healthcare professional for the best approach for your needs.

4. Does CaviPRO Require Maintenance?

CaviPRO is low maintenance. Follow the care and maintenance instructions in the user manual to ensure its longevity and performance. This includes cleaning after each use and storing it in a dry place.

5. Can I Use CaviPRO on Any Part of My Body?

Yes, CaviPRO is versatile and can be used on various body parts. Follow the user manual’s guidelines for specific treatment areas. Different modes and settings are suitable for different goals and body areas.

CaviPRO Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 141 reviews)
Very good6%


January 24, 2024

CaviPRO is uniquely designed. I love it

Avatar for Eve Badru
Eve Badru

It works!!

January 18, 2024

After using CaviPRO for several months I can see the difference. Why spend all that money having someone do what you can in ten comfort of your home!!

Avatar for Kusum Bir
Kusum Bir

Body sculpting

January 11, 2024

Grata and easy to use. Works grata on my stomach and arms

Avatar for Clint Kriel
Clint Kriel

Feel it working

January 4, 2024

With the use of this and the firming cream, I can feel my arms getting more definition and elasticity in my skin.

Avatar for Garfield Gottlieb
Garfield Gottlieb

Powerful little massager

December 16, 2023

This Cellulite Massager is absolutely amazing! Small but powerful. I love the ergonomic fit for my hands. I use this with a little Cellulite oil while watching tv or just relaxing after a stressful day at work. I can say I’ve noticed a few fine lines and dimples that have diminished and that’s a plus for me. With consistency I’m sure I will see more improvement and progress in the areas that are on my target list! 😂 I like that you can choose from different intensities (1-10) with each modes to achieve the desired effect that you are aiming for. I do recommend starting on a low intensity and gradually increasing as you will feel a pulling of the skin which some people may not like or may not be used to. I give this massager a big 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️’s for quality, convenience, user friendly and cost!

Avatar for Leopoldo Quigley
Leopoldo Quigley

Cellulite Massager

December 14, 2023

I have been using this off and on for the past couple of months. Combined with dry brushing I feel like my cellulite is slowly getting better.

Avatar for Maureen Rubalema
Maureen Rubalema

Interesting combination of technologies

December 10, 2023

We use red light therapy on a regular basis. This combines radio frequencies which is another form of therapy where the different frequencies stimulate the cells. It’s easy to use. There are 3 modes with different frequency settings that target different issues. There is a slightly tingly feel when using it, so it’s definitely stimulating something. I’ve seen several devices similar to this, but this one has a very reasonable price point. Worth trying, but only time will determine how effective it is for fat burning and cellulite. The red-light and heating function on its own makes it worth it.

Avatar for Guadalupe Weissnat
Guadalupe Weissnat

Great Product

December 9, 2023

This is a great product to target your cellulite areas. It is easy to use. Easy to follow instructions. Light weight. It also has a built-in shut off after 15 minutes. 3 different modes of use. It actually has 10 different speeds you can choose from. The quality of the product is excellent. The price makes it even better.

Avatar for Harbhajan Ravel
Harbhajan Ravel

Smooths out cellulite!

December 9, 2023

The cellulite massage has 10 various intensity levels, 3 modes and adjustable heat levels! I have used this for almost 3 weeks now. It smooths out the appearance of cellulite. I cannot personally speak on the other claims, but definitely the cellulite on my tummy is smoother. Love using this on days I want to pamper myself. The settings are comfortable on all levels.

Avatar for Lindiwe Paul
Lindiwe Paul

Cellulite be gone!

December 4, 2023

Ok, so this isn’t going to wipe out cellulite in a night, but it does a good job of heating up those problem areas to increase circulation to minimize the look of cellulite in those trouble areas. Heats up quickly, and does a good job. Very well made – and easy / comfortable to handle.

Avatar for Darryl Medhurst
Darryl Medhurst

Great working product

December 2, 2023

This product is working great for me. Would definitely recommend it. 😊🤙🏾

Avatar for Giaan Hegde
Giaan Hegde


November 28, 2023

 I love this little device . Very portable . Easy to use. I notice a little bit of a difference on my tummy . I’ve been slacking but I do see a difference . I bought my whole family.

Avatar for Kevin Russell
Kevin Russell

Love this product

November 27, 2023

love this product would totally buy again as a gift for someone in the future.

Avatar for Luigi Schamberger
Luigi Schamberger

Real results!

November 26, 2023

This product really works. Stay consistent with it and you will see results. Very please with it and it was affordable.

Avatar for Vanessa Mhlongo
Vanessa Mhlongo

Buy this thing

November 26, 2023

Best purchase I just need to be more consistent using it but it does wonders! You will notice from the first use!

Avatar for Lulu Nyeko
Lulu Nyeko

It works

November 26, 2023

I could use this product all day. I had a tummy tuck, and I check myself every day to make sure there are no hard spots near the surgical area. If I find any hard spots or want to pamper myself, I use the magical wand’s buttons to get to work. I place the wand on my skin and let it do its thing. It uses heat and vibration to remove the hardness in the area while allowing me to feel in control. The body sculpting massager, specifically the REDLOOK Body Sculpting Massager. Portable Professional Body Sculpting Machine: The description indicates that the massager is designed for body sculpting and is portable, making it convenient for use at home or on the go.Cordless Electric Body Massager: Being cordless suggests that the massager is powered by a rechargeable battery, providing flexibility and ease of use without being tethered to an electrical outlet.Targets Belly, Waist, Arm, Leg, Butt: The massager is designed to target multiple areas of the body, including the belly, waist, arms, legs, and buttocks. This versatility suggests that it aims to provide a full-body sculpting experience.It’s important to note that these types of body sculpting massagers often use various technologies such as vibration, radiofrequency, or other techniques to stimulate and tone muscles, reduce cellulite, or improve skin elasticity. The effectiveness of such devices can vary, and individual results may depend on factors like consistency of use, individual body characteristics, and overall lifestyle.

Avatar for Gloria Roberts
Gloria Roberts

Highly recommended

November 23, 2023

This product is amazing, it’slightweight and provides a lively andcomfortable feeling. It’s a high-quality product that performsexceptionally well. Despite the price, Istill find it enjoyable to use andbelieve it’s worth the investment forthe benefits it provides.

Avatar for Ruth Vosloo
Ruth Vosloo

Surprisingly effective!

November 13, 2023

I was spending $120 per session, twice a week for ultrasonic cavitation (12 total sessions) and had BETTER results in 2 DAYS with this device than I got when I was paying to have it done. I’m so impressed, I’ve recommended to several people. I’ve been using this one now 3 or 4 times a week and have seen a significant difference in my stomach – looks and feels tighter, even my fiancé noticed and asked if I had been working out. Def worth the money! STRONGLY recommend getting the cavitation gel with it

Avatar for Ruby Ward
Ruby Ward

Noticeable Results in 4 weeks

November 13, 2023

I really love this product, it’s reasonably priced, it’s easy to use and I noticed I am starting to see less cellulite on my legs and losing fat on my stomach and around my hips(that’s where I’ve been using it). I would highly recommend this product.

Avatar for Grover Kihn
Grover Kihn

Not commercial but it works

November 12, 2023

I have a pretty high pain tolerance but the highest setting on this in sensitive areas of the body can be very uncomfortable. Definitely start low and work your way up. The first week that I had this product I used it solely on the back of my left leg just to compare to the right and there were noticeable results. This isn’t comparable to going to a surgical spa for treatment but it’s an effective at home tool you can use. I just recommend getting gel to use with it and being consistent.

Avatar for Jane Mukalazi
Jane Mukalazi

Loved it !

November 10, 2023

I got this with the gel as well and I loved it ! Use it on my stomach

Avatar for Bhola Swamy
Bhola Swamy

I love it!!

November 6, 2023

I have been using it for three weeks now. I feel like it’s working and it’s quiet. It’s easy to use it and the price is amazing.

Avatar for Annalise Spencer
Annalise Spencer

Warm and tingly

November 3, 2023

You can actually feel the machine working and breaking down the fat you can increase the settings based on how much experience and how fast you want results

Avatar for Raymond Patel
Raymond Patel

Fantastic Product

October 29, 2023

Great value and able to dial the intensity that gives the satisfaction of really working. I have noticed my stomach less jiggly.

Avatar for Sim Rempel
Sim Rempel

I love

October 27, 2023

Works wonders . I had lipo done and this item helps me to keep the fluid away!!

Avatar for Edyth Twasiima
Edyth Twasiima

Easy to use

October 22, 2023

Love that it’s a type c rechargeable device. Long lasting between charges. I definitely feel the tingling from this device. Worth the buy

Avatar for Barbara Zungu
Barbara Zungu

It was the easiness for me.

October 22, 2023

I love this product all day, every day. I had a tummy tuck, and I perform self-checks daily to ensure I do not have any hard spots near the surgical area. If I find any hard spots or want to pamper myself, I press the buttons on the magical wand and get to work. I hold the wand on my skin and let it get to work. It applies heat and vibration that removes the hardness in the area and allows me to feel in control when doing so. I can log/journal any changes to my body and what steps I have taken before going to my doctor. When I am finished, plug it up and let it recharge. I stay ready so I do not have to get ready. I would repurchase it and buy it if it came as a belt that I could place on my skin (to free up my hands).Question: What is the red film/sticker for? Do I need it? If so, where can I order more from?

Avatar for Isabella Bukenya
Isabella Bukenya

Ease of use

October 21, 2023

Very simple to use. Already charged and ready to go!

Avatar for Fredrick Walsh
Fredrick Walsh


October 15, 2023

I’ve had problems with cellulite in my legs and was introduced to this product, and I must say I have no regrets. It’s like magic in the palm of your hands. The machine is easy to use and the instructions are user friendly….I’m in LOVE. I have even tried it out on my “love angles” and BABEEEEEEE it’s working. Amazing Product.

Avatar for Gbemisola Oluwakemi
Gbemisola Oluwakemi


October 12, 2023

nice, I don’t notice a difference yet but time will tell

Avatar for Lindsay Richards
Lindsay Richards

I can feel it working

October 10, 2023

Works great but buy massage oil or something similiar to use with it.

Avatar for Rene Kumalo
Rene Kumalo


October 9, 2023

I used the product for scar removal and fat reduction. It was easy to use I made an oil for ease of movement. My scar is less noticeable and my waist is smaller. I have exercised as well. I would recommend this product.

Avatar for Tommie Wolff
Tommie Wolff

Feels like it's doing something!

October 4, 2023

Love the heating feature! I use a conductive gel with this product and it works great! I’ve been using it on my lower stomach and I’ve noticed a huge different in my fat and skin tightness. I’ll definitely keep using.The only con is the battery. Rule of thumb is that it will last for 4 rounds so just make sure that you charge after the 4th use.

Avatar for Sienna Mitchell
Sienna Mitchell

So far, it seems to be as described

October 4, 2023

I have barely started to use it so I cannot speak on long term results quite yet but I will update progress later in due time. Seems to be working seamlessly so far. Functions/Modes are very easy to get the hang of right off the bat and I’m still working towards going up as far as the levels because even on low, I can definitely feel it! Would definitely recommend starting lower level numbers before raising it up. I really like it so far!

Avatar for Josephine Carroll
Josephine Carroll

I'm trying it for stretch mark!

October 1, 2023

It feels like it pulls your hair on your skin and you can turn it back on when it turns off I have just started using it and I’ll give a update later on to let y’all know how I feel it’s working for what I bought it for 😃😃😃

Avatar for Ricardo Stamm
Ricardo Stamm

Comfortable to use

September 30, 2023

Easy to use and not too hot or uncomfortable. Just started using but hopefully will see results soon.

Avatar for Darian Farrell
Darian Farrell

Amazing product

September 29, 2023

I’ve just started using it and so far I’m liking what I’m seeing.

Avatar for Brenna Jacobs
Brenna Jacobs

Really good and great price!

September 29, 2023

 I used this massager for my face only! I found that it made face more firm. I used aloe Vera for hydration as you need to use something to lubricate while it’s massaging your face. I know the product is foe cellulite but I find it to be helpful for my face.

Avatar for Yvonne Mpofu
Yvonne Mpofu

nice machine

September 29, 2023

this little machine packs a nice little punch! i have felt it working since day one and have noticed changes in my skin in less than a week. it works!

Avatar for Matilda Wilson
Matilda Wilson

I can feel it working

September 29, 2023

I can feel it working and it is very easy to use. I finally found a good gel to use with it. I’m on a roll.

Avatar for Diana Atukwase
Diana Atukwase

Very powerful

September 28, 2023

It’s to soon to see results but I can tell is working.

Avatar for Tracey Pietersen
Tracey Pietersen

Awesome product!

September 28, 2023

I love this product. I’ve only used it for a few weeks but I feel like I can already see a difference on my tummy. I highly recommend this!

Avatar for Roxanne Davis
Roxanne Davis

pretty decent

September 26, 2023

I haven’t been using this product consistently but the times I have used it I do see a do feel a shock but nothing bad and it also depends on the level you set it at. I am sure if you use it everyday you would see better results. I just hope it doesn’t stop working after a couple of months as I seen on someone else review.

Avatar for Minerva Kirabo
Minerva Kirabo


September 23, 2023

I like the fact that it’s so smooth as I glide it on my arms and it feels even better when the heat is on!

Avatar for Conor Simonis
Conor Simonis

Works good so far!

September 22, 2023

I ordered this particular product because I had seen reviews on them. This one stuck out because it wasn’t super expensive/ and it had great reviews. You definitely need the ultrasound conductive gel!! So order that at the same time from any place or company. It doesn’t matter. I got the absolute cheapest for like $2. It glides over the skin and has a sort of buzz/ tens unit type of feel and you can choose heat or no heat- and 4 different modes- fat burn/ deep lines etc. I can’t wait to see my after results in a few weeks. But I already notice a difference.

Avatar for Meagan Mbabazi
Meagan Mbabazi

Sensisohome Cellulite Massager: Leg-Transforming Duo with Wood Therapy

September 22, 2023

This Cellulite Massager is a game-changer for my leg skincare routine! I use it once a week alongside wood therapy, and the results are remarkable. The device is easy to use, with customizable settings, and the gentle vibrations and heat make it incredibly relaxing. Together with wood therapy, it has visibly reduced cellulite and improved the texture of my skin. Highly recommended for anyone looking to boost their leg skincare regimen.

Avatar for Jacobus Basson
Jacobus Basson

Great productive for removing cellulite

September 22, 2023

If you have bumps or cellulite, this product will completely limit the amount or completely eliminate the cellulite and things from legs and arms. Highly recommend. Worked after only 4 treatments or 10 mins

Avatar for Chinedu Ngozi
Chinedu Ngozi

Really works!!

September 21, 2023

I’ve only been using this for a month and have seen results!! Can’t wait to see the results after another month!! I definitely recommend!!

Avatar for Padama Doctor
Padama Doctor

Easy to use

September 21, 2023

Very pleased with CaviPRO, the heating and lymph stimulation is perfect touch. Easy to use and charge. Starting to notice results too.

Avatar for Martin Brown
Martin Brown


September 21, 2023


Avatar for Arjun Sarraf
Arjun Sarraf

Great device

September 20, 2023

Ever since I bought CaviPRO, it has help clear my cellulites in my thighs and tighten my skin in the áreas I used it in. Highly recomend using this device.

Avatar for Porter Cummerata
Porter Cummerata

Works Great!!!!

September 20, 2023

I’ve been using CaviPRO for almost a month and I’m definitely seeing some results granted I will need to continue using in order to see more define results. I using the fat mode on my chin & on my mommy pooch. Definitely worth it for the price. (Side note use a skin tightening lotion & it will help).

Avatar for Kennedy Fritsch
Kennedy Fritsch

It works

September 20, 2023

I got it a week ago and I tried CaviPRO for my tummy and I felt after 2 days it tightens and my gut is smaller without exercise. Do it twice a day and use the B-Fat mode and if you can handle 8 intensity twice a day. I’m using the Maelys Body serum. I still need to try other options butmy concern is my tummy:)

Avatar for Chiamaka Miracle
Chiamaka Miracle

Body sculpting machine

September 19, 2023

It works!I’ve been using CaviPRO on my belly fat and cellulite and noticed a big difference already.Highly recommend this product.

Avatar for Susanna Odeke
Susanna Odeke

Great product

September 19, 2023

I have used CaviPRO for almost one month and I can see the difference already in my legs and belly.

Avatar for Selina Bennett
Selina Bennett

It feels wonderful

September 19, 2023

I use CaviPRO and I already start seen results in the back of my arms. I also use for my face, medium heat (like I used to have on a spa) with a retinol or good face serum and it feels great, my face is so soft. I definitely recommend it!

Avatar for Contact Pule
Contact Pule

Really works

September 19, 2023

I’ve used the CaviPRO for over a week now and I can start seeing a difference in my stomach and thighs. I’m loving it so far.

Avatar for Jensen Weimann
Jensen Weimann


September 18, 2023

I love the product works just fine seen results in 1 week

Avatar for Dante Upton
Dante Upton

Read instructions

September 18, 2023

It was easy to use once I figured it out between skin and fat. I have enjoyed using this. I don’t know what I have lost but I know my clothes are loose.

Avatar for Titus Kemmer
Titus Kemmer


September 18, 2023

When used correctly with conductive gel, you can feel it working.

Avatar for Joy Klein
Joy Klein

Great for the price

September 18, 2023

I didn’t have a high expectation for the massager because it was reasonably priced. I am glad I purchaes this. I love the heat mode and use it on my scar helps alleviate some pain for me and soothes the itching, works well on softening up the hardness of my stomach. I had it for a short time so don’t have any pictures and review if it does what it says but has been a perfect buy for me.

Avatar for Natwar Nanda
Natwar Nanda


September 18, 2023

I absolutely love CaviPRO. I use the sculpting machine at least once a day and I’ve seen results in such little time. As someone who’s always on the go and can’t always make it to the gym, this is a great product to use at any time. I would definitely recommend buying this machine!

Avatar for To de Beer
To de Beer

Nice tingling effect with heat

September 17, 2023

Ergonomical design and not too heavy. Nice tingling effect with or without heat.

Avatar for Jaida Welch
Jaida Welch

Works great

September 17, 2023

This works exactly as described and is easy to use

Avatar for Zula Denesik
Zula Denesik

Easy to control

September 16, 2023

I was very skeptical about buying CaviPRO but I actually felt it working. I write honest reviews! So I understand the settings, I didn’t start at 1 but I started at 3 and felt like a vibration. So I would say buy it and try it! I’m going to come back in a couple of months and give a update to see if it reduces fat but you do feel it working!

Avatar for Jodie Campbell
Jodie Campbell

Works Great!

September 10, 2023

Came with good instructions and has been working well for me and my family, love that it’s transportable so I can bring it with me anywhere!

Avatar for Marietta Lebsack
Marietta Lebsack

Works but gotta stick with it!

September 8, 2023

I have a horrible belly flab and stretchmarks after 3 9lb children so will not be showing pictures unfortunately. But if you keep up with this it really does work. I absolutely believe in light therapy. It feels funny but its also soothing. I would definitely get someone to do it for you because your arms will definitely get tired.

Avatar for Bertha Stehr
Bertha Stehr

Awesome little massager tha has become a staple

August 22, 2023

I feel like this has done an amazing job with smoothing my skin and improving cellulite. I love that it has a cord so I don’t have to worry about recharging it.

Avatar for Sumayyah Aderinsola
Sumayyah Aderinsola

Great price

August 15, 2023

It is a great price. Easy to use. Comes with instructions.

Avatar for Isabell Byaruhanga
Isabell Byaruhanga


August 15, 2023

CaviPRO operates on a built-in rechargeable battery, making it convenient to use without worrying about tangled cords. What sets this massager apart is its utilization of electrical pulse and heat to target and reduce unwanted cellulite.The beauty of this massager lies in its versatility. It’s designed to help burn off excess fat from various problem areas like the arms, thighs, belly, and even the chin. While the process does require some patience and consistency, the effects are noticeable with regular use.I found that incorporating this massager into my routine has yielded positive changes over time. The repetitive applications gradually start showing results, particularly when used consistently. After about two weeks of regular use, I began to notice a difference. The skin around the areas where I applied the massager felt noticeably firmer and toner. There was a reduction in the flabbiness that I used to experience.It’s important to emphasize that this is not an overnight solution, but rather a tool that works with persistence and commitment. The combination of electrical pulse and heat seems to stimulate the targeted areas, promoting a more toned appearance over time. While results may vary from person to person, my experience with this body sculpting massager has been positive, and I believe it’s a valuable addition to a wellness routine focused on toning and refining problem areas.

Avatar for Abisoye Uchechi
Abisoye Uchechi

Burn fat lift skin

August 13, 2023

I doubt if this product will work as advertised, but my goodness, I’m wrong! I have lost 10 pounds recently, and I also need to deal with cellulite, fat, and loose skin! This product is reasonably priced, easy to operate, easy to package, and easy to travel. I am still accustomed to these shocks because I am very sensitive to them. But I often use it, and I can already see the difference. I am glad to have conducted research and purchased this product. The results will not appear immediately, nor will they replace good diet and frequent exercise. But it did bring results.

Avatar for Gordon Pacocha
Gordon Pacocha

Body sculpting machine

August 12, 2023

 It’s very easy to use and light in weight. Comes with charger and guide for how to use. It also have fat burn heating feature and works well. It has red light radiation in circles.

Avatar for Crystal Donnelly
Crystal Donnelly

Cellulite Massager

August 11, 2023

I just received my machine and I love it. Very easy to use and it came with instructions to what each of the settings do. Cant wait to use results.

Avatar for Alpa Khare
Alpa Khare

Nice quality and build

August 8, 2023

Been wanting to try CaviPRO for a while. After a week of using it. I think it’s a good little device to have at home. Obviously, I need to use it for a while longer to see the long term effects. But so far it seems it does help with forming my skin after applied skincare.Pros:Warms up quickHas three different types of frequenciesHas a massage function as well as the red light therapyCan adjustment the intensity from 1-10Fully charge last for daysCons:Can’t adjust the intensity of the massage function

Avatar for Tina Biyinzika
Tina Biyinzika

Very useful for leg pain

August 6, 2023

What sets the REDLOOK Body Sculpting Massager apart is its professional-grade performance packaged into a portable and user-friendly device. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, making it easy to use even for extended periods. The device’s versatility extends beyond sculpting as it can also aid in relieving muscle tension and promoting relaxation. The inclusion of a rechargeable battery ensures uninterrupted sessions without the hassle of tangled cords. Whether you’re looking to enhance your workout results or simply indulge in a rejuvenating massage, this machine offers a holistic solution that bridges the gap between professional spa treatments and at-home convenience.Overall, this innovative massager presents an enticing option for individuals seeking a convenient and effective way to achieve their body sculpting goals without compromising on quality and convenience.

Avatar for Shaylee Fadel
Shaylee Fadel

It works!

August 3, 2023

I bought this device to help me tone some stubborn areas. I’ve been using it daily for almost 2 weeks and have seen noticeable improvements. You do have to put in your time and some effort to see results though so don’t think this is a magic wand and all you have to do is wave it over desired cares to see results cause that is just not that case. Also I didn’t know when I purchased this that you should be using it with a water based gel or slimming/anti-cellulite cream but you can use coconut oil if you forgot to get something else. I recommend this device to anyone dedicated to doing the necessary work to achieve desired results.

Avatar for Nicklaus Kivumbi
Nicklaus Kivumbi

Helped me a lot, better investing.

July 29, 2023

Better investing, much cheaper than going to aesthetic clinics. I’ve already paid too much to have the same result as a clinic. Easy to use, painless and practical.

Avatar for Maegan Botsford
Maegan Botsford

Good product

July 29, 2023

 I bought CaviPRO for my wife after she had some body sculpting done. He doctor recommended that we use one of these devices, I looked around the internet and found this product. It works great and it was very affordable.

Avatar for Dhiraj Sarna
Dhiraj Sarna

Great tool

July 29, 2023

 I tried CaviPRO just for a few days so far, but my skin already looks better! Can’t wait to see what will it do in the long run!Update: a week in the game, it is doing a great job, but do not exceed the time, it’s a powerful tool that can harm if used incorrectly.

Avatar for Rajendra Mishra
Rajendra Mishra

Good work

July 28, 2023

Thought it wasn’t working, until I stopped using it for a few days,It massages your body parts, shocks your cellulite and maybe breaks them.I’m using it for 15 minutes each day on the highest intensity setting, and I’m already starting to see some results.

Avatar for Olufunmi Segunmaru
Olufunmi Segunmaru


July 24, 2023

So far I’ve use this device a couple of times and I’m very impressed how good it works, I see a slight difference so I believe if I use it more it will make a big difference in my skin. I like how it is easy to use and pain free, there is 10 settings so I did feel a little discomfort on the higher settings on sensitive parts like on the bottom parts of my arms. I used a fat burning cream with it that I purchased a while ago so I do recommend using some kind of cream because it makes it easier to move around on your skin

Avatar for Kaleb Kiconco
Kaleb Kiconco


July 20, 2023

I really like CaviPRO it’s working for me, I use it in my arms and legs 2 time a week.

Avatar for Ella Rutherford
Ella Rutherford

Great massager!

July 16, 2023

CaviPRO does give a feeling of tightening the skin when used consistently,I am hopeful that with continued use this can really help me decrease cellulite to a much lower level than what I have now

Avatar for Jasmin Subramanian
Jasmin Subramanian

Worth the buy

July 13, 2023

I’ve been trying this for the past 2 weeks straight. It’s given me no issues and I love how I can have a good grip of it while doing my massages. I will do an update after a month for my results!

Avatar for Thurman Goldner
Thurman Goldner

Use a Conductive Gel with it

June 15, 2023

This device packs a punch when used with a conductive gel. I thought it was too weak when I first used it by itself but after using a conductive gel, you can feel it working even on level 1. each mode have different pattern and strength. It is very easy to use but it is too early to say if it will make a difference. I will try to use it daily and see how it goes.

Avatar for Isaiah Mann
Isaiah Mann

Saves Money Over Time!

June 14, 2023

This body-shaping cellulite massager is a great buy. It saves you both time and money on repeated spa visits. It might be a little more work doing this yourself, but it is so worthwhile. You can do it at your convenience.

Avatar for Amrit Kashyap
Amrit Kashyap

It seems to work great so far!

June 14, 2023

It can definitely hurt if you turn it up too high. But it seems to work well.

Avatar for Jaida Bernier
Jaida Bernier

Good buy

June 14, 2023

So I bought this one and different one for 3 times the price and this one is the only one still working! Shame on me for being hesitant. I notice a drastic difference and have a much flatter stomach when I use this product. Deff recommend!

Avatar for Pierre Cele
Pierre Cele

Good for soothing and tightness of skin

June 13, 2023

I absolutely LOVE this product. It’s soothing and easy to use. It heats up and feels so good on sore and tight skin. I recommend this product for slimming as well bit make sure you use as suggested for results.

Avatar for Obie Wunsch
Obie Wunsch

Great seller

June 13, 2023

Shortly after my return window was closed I stopped noticing the tingle. I reached out to the seller and they offered a replacement without hesitation! I was so happy to receive a new device and so quickly! I’ll share results soon but I highly recommend this unit for the price especially with such great customer service!

Avatar for Rowland Kulas
Rowland Kulas

Using On Sprained Wrist, Reduces Pain

June 12, 2023

I have been using this on a severely sprained wrist and it is reducing the pain a lot. Because of this, I’m hoping it is reducing the healing time needed to get back to fully functional.Based on the pain relief, I really like this. Next up, stretch marks!

Avatar for Jayden Waelchi
Jayden Waelchi

I can feel the tingling, already seeing results.

June 11, 2023

I’m using this product for a surgery scar. It is very noticeable (to me anyway). I’ve had it for a week now and it seems to be breaking down the scar tissue. It’s not as stiff and thick as it was.

Avatar for Shayne Rau
Shayne Rau

Great invention!

June 11, 2023

It’s too soon for me to know how well this device works. However, it is easy to use and seems to do what I really want done—-that is, take off this spare tire around my stomach. If it works, it’s a very pleasant, convenient, inexpensive way to get accomplished something that would cost far more any other way.

Avatar for Gay Cruickshank
Gay Cruickshank

This thing really does work

June 9, 2023

To be totally honest I was really skeptical of this device. It sounded to good to be true -but I wanted to try it so bad! I used it on my lower stomach which is my worst body part. It’s where the biggest part of my body fat is stored. Although this Iron seems kinda overwhelming with the first use, once you read the instructions and get used to the machine and the ‘modes’ it’s not that hard to use. The instructions say not to use it on the same part of body for long periods because it could cause inflammation. So I started off using it on my stomach for 15 minutes a day, which is recommended. I used KY Jelly for my hydrogel. I used the fat burning mode and the skin lift mode. The next day, I could honestly tell a difference after the very first use! I have been using it every day and what I notice is firmer, tighter muscles in my lower belly area. I’m impressed with this little gadget! It is very lightweight and comes with good instructions. It has a cord for recharging and the charge lasts a long time. It seems to be well made and of good quality. I will continue to use it and I would highly recommend this product!

Avatar for Vinnie Tendo
Vinnie Tendo

Money well spent

June 7, 2023

 Great product compared to other day burning irons. Great results so far definitely lost inches already. I will measure my waist and continue to use it and come back and update my review to show results. If ur contemplating….DONT u will not regret making this purchase. Thank you for the great quality of products you offer. Will definitely be referring friends & family.

Avatar for Horace Reichel
Horace Reichel

Excellent product!

June 4, 2023

I recently went through a liposuction procedure, and this product has been a perfect complement for my recovery.

Avatar for Nicole Kekana
Nicole Kekana

Works Amazing 🤩

June 4, 2023

This machine works amazing! I just had a baby 6 months ago and the fat just melts off! It’s a must buy will be buying another as gifts for my friends and family!

Avatar for Kirsten Stewart
Kirsten Stewart

Easy to use; so far effective results

June 3, 2023

I love the ease of use and the clear directions and instructions on the functions. Not painful when used with the gel or oil

Avatar for Morton Pfannerstill
Morton Pfannerstill

Works!! Goodbye Cellulite !!

June 3, 2023

I am always skeptical about devices like these. CaviPRO works especially for cellulite and smoothing out skin texture. If you’re looking to save money I’m going to the salon this product is the job if you’re going to take the time to do it.The tingling took a little to get used to, but for the price you can’t beat it.

Avatar for Barbara Kerluke
Barbara Kerluke


June 2, 2023

I read several reviews before I purchased this item and read it is a powerful device. I’ve experienced that so far in using it. I know results will take a while to fully show but I think it’s making improvement already in the tightness of my upper arm skin!

Avatar for Jalon Armstrong
Jalon Armstrong

Stomach fat

June 1, 2023

I love how I seen results within a few days after the first use. I would most definitely recommend using this for stomach fat and scars. Especially for MOTHERS!!

Avatar for Blair Heathcote
Blair Heathcote

So worth it

May 30, 2023

CaviPRO does work well and affordable , I’ve seen a difference already

Avatar for Henry Kayemba
Henry Kayemba

Actually works!!

May 29, 2023

I was very skeptical at first. But after a couple weeks of using it two to three times a week I’ve noticed significant difference. Not just in fat loss but also in the tightness/firmness of my skin. I have not used it in the last couple weeks but with proper diet and exercise I am maintaining progress and still losing fat. 10/10

Avatar for Tarun Maheshwari
Tarun Maheshwari

Awesome device

May 26, 2023

I was skeptical bc these things go up to hundreds of dollars. This thing is totally amazing! Only been using for a couple weeks and already see a difference. Definitely recommend

Avatar for Chiamaka Omolara
Chiamaka Omolara


May 26, 2023

After five weeks of using CaviPRO, I can see a difference in fat loss and visible stretch marks. The device is light. Therefore, it is easier to handle when using.

Avatar for Cordia Huel
Cordia Huel

Awesome purchase

May 25, 2023

There is much that can be said about this… so here’s just a few… first it works… I watch television while I’m doing mines so the 15 minute’s actually goes by kinda fast, drink plenty of water and I do a 30 minutes cardio after, and I noticed I urinate more and see results… when my first got it up didn’t take my measurements so after a week I measure and lost 2 inches… now I’m not noticing number lost on the scales but I am seeing a huge difference in the way my clothes fit and the overall size of my love boat (stomach). Make the purchase you won’t regret it.

Avatar for Yash Bali
Yash Bali

Great Product

May 25, 2023

Great product. Have used CaviPRO for a week now and I like it. Good for the price. Wireless is very convenient and easy to charge

Avatar for Ayebatari Aminat
Ayebatari Aminat

Relatively quick results with smoothing belly

May 25, 2023

The control buttons are easy to use and like the warming sensation from the red light. I noticed a difference in smoothing the belly skin in as little as two weeks.

Avatar for Stella Atuhe
Stella Atuhe

Amazing Product

May 25, 2023

After have lipo360 CaviPRO does wonders for skin tightening and it’s easy to use.

Avatar for Nona Beer
Nona Beer

Works like actual store machine

May 25, 2023

I recommend CaviPRO if you are on a budget and want same results as in person treatment at your medspa. The price is great too and they are super communicative and responsive if you have questions!

Avatar for Markus Streich
Markus Streich

User friendly, value for money.

May 25, 2023

At first was skeptical about trying it out after reading the reviews about it hurting the skin. I experienced no such thing. You can adjust the levels depending on you tolerance. Bought it recently. It’s pretty convenient to use so it helps to be consistent in using it. Hoping to see the results soon.

Avatar for Lindsay Martin
Lindsay Martin

It's effective!

May 24, 2023

CaviPRO has almost completely removed my double chin!

Avatar for Vicky Sane
Vicky Sane

Excellent quality and it works!

May 23, 2023

My wife asked me to get her CaviPRO and she is really happy with the results. She has been using it everyday along with exercise. The device is very easy to use, strength level can be adjusted to fit your specific needs.It works best when used with a conductive gel, so make sure that you order one with it.I would recommend this product.

Avatar for Kimberly Hill
Kimberly Hill

Great Product

May 23, 2023

Brought CaviPRO for my wife 2 weeks ago. Not only I can see the difference after the 2 weeks on her, but I am also the hero right now. This is a really good product.

Avatar for Margie Purdy
Margie Purdy

Works like a charm!!

May 23, 2023

CaviPRO works like a charm! I can really feel the fat burning. Can see results after only 3 tries! Worth every penny.

Avatar for Jane Moore
Jane Moore

It Really Works

May 23, 2023

My husband and I both have been using CaviPRO on our chin and faces and our double chins are basically gone. We use it on the 3rd setting with heat on option ‘B.’We’ve used it on our bellies too and it’s made a significant difference, we use it everyday for 10-15 minutes a time on the setting mentioned above

Avatar for Willard Hilpert
Willard Hilpert

Like Bringing the Spa Home

May 22, 2023

Super cool in home spa experience. I like the multiple functions, great device!

Avatar for Willow Johnson
Willow Johnson


May 22, 2023

So far it’s a good product. I’m pleased with CaviPRO

Avatar for Chiamaka Onyinyechukwu
Chiamaka Onyinyechukwu

Is powerful

May 22, 2023

Is powerful, I can only do level 1 or 2. It does work because my legs feels sore the next day. I haven’t use it long enough to see the results yet but I’m sure if I keep up using it I will. I think for the price is a good device. The red light is a plus too.

Avatar for Nathan Allen
Nathan Allen

Works well if used consistently

May 21, 2023

This device worked well at helping me lose some of the stubborn belly fat that I could not seem to get rid of with going to the gym and doing sit ups alone. It works best when used consistently. If you just use it every now and then you will not see results.

Avatar for Laura Edwards
Laura Edwards

Very nice product!

May 20, 2023

I really like this product it is easy to use. I’ve been using it for a few days. Will keep you guys updated with the results.

Avatar for Lolita Lindgren
Lolita Lindgren

Consistent use is required

May 19, 2023

First of all, I didn’t get this to use specifically for stretch marks, rather I just wanted to use CaviPRO to massage my firming/anti-cellulite cream on my thigh and arms areas. I usually use other massagers but thought this might add a bit more benefits.So I’ve been mostly using B-fat and D-line modes.I have to let you know that I have been using various types of massagers for a long time and also get regular treatments at a spa.In my opinion, self-care at home isn’t as effective as what you get at a spa if you just do it once in a while, obviously. However, I believe the consistency is the key ; that consistent at home care can be more beneficial than visiting the spa once in a while! I wouldn’t say this one will be 100% satisfactory for what you are hoping for but the consistent use of this device compared to doing nothing will definitely show the results. The bottom line is that it is effective but it might not be as efficient in getting the result as you might hope it to be. Again, if you want the magic wand, it might not be it. But if you can commit yourself to using it continuously, yes you will see the difference (take before and after photos!). One thing though, I have quite sensitive skin and I didn’t have any bad reactions.. and I think it’s partly because I am used to these kinds of massagers and treatments.But if you’re new to these types of device, always make sure to start with the lowest setting for a short period of time to make sure it’s safe to use on your body.

Avatar for Charlotte Anderson
Charlotte Anderson

love it

May 18, 2023

i was very skeptical but CaviPRO really works saves so much money and i can do it from the comfort of my own home!

Avatar for Betty Mugisa
Betty Mugisa

amazing product!

May 14, 2023

I am so pleased with this product! Not only is it super easy to charge, but it’s affordable and works like a charm! I can visibly see my wrinkles, cellulite and stretch marks, disappearing, with just a few uses! I can visibly see a difference, I definitely recommend.

Avatar for Tomiloba Akintade
Tomiloba Akintade

Highly Recommended - Easy to use

May 14, 2023

I bought a couple of weeks ago and I can already see some slight difference. My skin is soft and the dimples are a little less visible already. I’m also using it for stretch marks. I haven’t seen any changes yet, but I have a lot.I highly recommend it. It’s super easy to use.

Avatar for Cara Abshire
Cara Abshire

It works get that fat

May 14, 2023

Look at this before and after I used my CaviPRO. I love it, and it actually works.

Avatar for Lilly Owen
Lilly Owen

Love it!

May 9, 2023

CaviPRO has been so easy to use. I definitely see results. I was paying weekly for something I can now do at home. Would highly recommend this purchase!!

Avatar for Paula Price
Paula Price

I love this product!

May 4, 2023

I love this anti cellulite body sculpting massager. It charges by USB and stays charged for fifteen minutes which is the perfect amount of time to use it daily. I use it everywhere on my body (except the face). I can’t wait to see the results months from now. I already feel like my skin is smoothing out some!

Avatar for Ahmad Orishaba
Ahmad Orishaba

Works 1 use.

May 4, 2023

I lost 100 lbs over 25 years ago. I have been to a personal trainer work out. I was told from trainer sometimes you just have to have surgery to get rid of the stomach. I purchased CaviPRO and 1 use my belly roll went down dramatically! I used skin setting for my face it made me feel amazing! I will have to use a lot. But the way makes you feel once you use it is worth the price! I did purchase and use the conductive gel to use!

Avatar for Alexandra Williams
Alexandra Williams

Good quality

May 2, 2023

Just got CaviPRO, haven’t had the chance to try it but the quality seems really nice

Avatar for Obioma Babatunde
Obioma Babatunde

Nice product

May 2, 2023

I like that its light weight, it feels good on my belly. I use CaviPRO with a stretch mark and scar cream. I live the warmth it gives and I feel that it works great. Good price. Thank you for this product.

Avatar for Cortez Koepp
Cortez Koepp

It works!

May 2, 2023

CaviPRO was delivered quickly and all new (saw some comments about used/refurbished product). This actually works. Starting to slowly see my skin smooth out. I use it for 15 minutes a day in the targeted areas. The heat is warm, not super hot, and the vibration is strong. Must use a slimming cream. You will need to be patient, but I like this purchase.

Avatar for Ratan Doctor
Ratan Doctor

Tighter and flatter areas

May 1, 2023

Tingling and warmth are very subtle and manageable. After a week, notice more tightness and flattening of my target areas.

Avatar for Amolika Mohanty
Amolika Mohanty

Great product!

April 30, 2023

CaviPRO arrived quickly and as expected. It’s easy to use with any kind of conducting gel/oil. Start on the lowest setting and work your way up as you get used to the sensations.

Avatar for Akunna Uchechi
Akunna Uchechi

Believe it or not but it works.

April 17, 2023

I was very sceptic about will it works as it’s a small gadget and what it could possibly do. But after one use I see that at least water inflammation gone. Face looks toned and my arms a very firm. I will start to use it on my legs and will definitely update you about results. Easy to use and store. Impressed

Avatar for Kody Ernser
Kody Ernser

Best buy of 2023 so far- Love it! Really does work

April 6, 2023

TBH I was a bit skeptical about purchasing this given the size and how these devices work in general. It’s definitely not what you see the body contouring ladies use but it DOES work. I was pleasantly surprised with the the power this thing had. There are multiple options(3) and levels(1-10). I really have only used the fat burn option. I have seen a few inches off my love handles and honestly want to say this thing melted my back fat bra bulge area. I made the mistake of only doing one side to test the validity of it and ended up uneven – don’t be like me lol do both sides, trust me you will see results!I use it maybe 3-5 times a week, after every workout. It is powerful stimulation wise, so I’ve only had it up to level 7. The heat feels good too. I’ve had this for almost two months now, saw noticeable results closer to end of the first month. I will keep this in my regimen going forward, because like why not? I plan on trying the fine lines next on so small stretch marks I have.I’ll come back with pictures of my results once I get my sides to balance out ! Be sure to get the cavitation gel to help with gliding over your skin!

Avatar for Archibald Borer
Archibald Borer

Keep using!

April 6, 2023

My friend bought the exact one for really expensive and this one is exactly the same. I’ve been using it for a while and it works! Just be consistent and keep using. You won’t see results immediately. I originally tested in only one thigh and noticed it improve the skin tightness. I don’t know if it’s the red light or the constant rubbing on the thigh but you can really tell the difference. MAKE SURE to use some sort of gel. If not, you might feel like a burn…similar to a rug burn or from the constant rub.

Avatar for Adrian Mitchell
Adrian Mitchell

It helps with stretch marks!

April 6, 2023

I’ve been using this product to get rid of my stretch marks along with the mederma scar oil and it has improved them a lot! The stretch marks look red for a day or so after but they look improved after I’ve been using the product maybe twice a week

Avatar for Charlotte Hudson
Charlotte Hudson

It works!

April 4, 2023

Got this for my wife for an early mothers day gift, she started using it the very next day for her upper legs that had a lot of cellulite and loose skin after our first kid, after 4-5 uses she’s able to see a noticeable difference which is great because she has used couple other products with no luck. She is very happy with results so far.Only thing she does not like is the heaviness of the device.

Avatar for Brook Kunde
Brook Kunde

Purchased it for fat burning & toning

March 31, 2023

I like the different modes that you are able to try it has more modes than any other one that I’ve tried just wished it had a vibration

Avatar for Stefan Stevens
Stefan Stevens

great product

March 28, 2023

should definitely buy great product very well made👍

Avatar for Benjamin Mashinini
Benjamin Mashinini


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